Little known to those outside of the Hollywood rumor mill, Gillian Anderson was once in talks with Fox to produce a children’s show between shooting the third and fourth seasons of The X-Files. While the show never went to air, a test episode has recently been unearthed, wherein the scifi star, aloft a large sofa, devotes 10-minute segments to Telling Time, What To Do When You Go #2 and Manners. Anderson was eventually considered an “ill fit” for the program, after she “attempted to simulate oral sex on her puppet sidekick,” a former Fox employee says. The show was later reworked into The Big Comfy Couch.

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That it turned from summer to fall overnight has me all kinds of excited, and hurriedly whipping out my vest, Pumpkin Spice, Taylor Swift, and Gilmore Girls.  So maybe that’s why recalling Veronica Mars in my father’s house by myself at 5:45 this evening — that’s the movie, not the TV show — has me full-to-bursting with love.  It’s still my favorite movie of the year.  It dwarfs the others like Logan dwarfs Veronica.  See above for proof.  I am still in love with this movie.

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